Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

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CPA (April 2015 Examinations)


Our next CPA Professional 2 courses in Dublin and Cork will commence from mid September  (timetables available soon)

CPA Open Evening:  Thursday, 11 September 5.30 to 7.00pm

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Download Timetable for Dublin - Professional II

Download Timetable for Cork  - Professional II 

How to Apply

To apply for a CPA course at Independent Colleges please complete an application form and return it to:

Accountancy School

Independent Colleges 

60 - 63 Dawson Street,

Dublin 2.

Contact Details                           

Please email Monique Johansson at cpa@independentcolleges.ie                                             
Phone: 01-6355813

Course Duration

student dependent

Course Fees

Full Time: n/a
Part Time: Professional II: €590 per subject - €270 per revision only subject



Professional II

*Advanced Corporate Reporting - Sandra Gleeson
*Strategic Leadership and Knowledge Management - Patrick Carrie
*Audit Practice and Assurance Services - Michael Donnelly
*Strategic Performance Management - Mick Bristow
*Strategic Corporate Finance - Patrick Carrie
*Advanced Taxation - Sandra Gleeson


Professional II

*Advanced Corporate Reporting - Michael Donnelly
*Strategic Leadership and Knowledge Management - Patrick Carrie
*Audit Practice and Assurance Services - Michael Donnelly
*Strategic Performance Management - Mick Bristow
*Strategic Corporate Finance - Graham Crowley
*Advanced Taxation - Sandra Gleeson


Dublin: Independent Colleges, 60-63 Dawson St
: Gresham Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain St

Professional II: €590 per course (includes revision course) -  revision only  course €275


What We Offer

Teaching and Learning Support

1. Each student is provided with the most up-to-date manuals which cover all of the key concepts.

2. Our tailored course notes are the ideal companion piece to weekly lectures and present the course material in an easily digestible form.

3. Provision of this material in print form allows students to concentrate on the lectures as a result of being freed from the distraction of excessive note taking.

4. Students have an opportunity to attempt questions from past examination papers, and have them corrected by the lecturers who will provide the class with general feedback on performance Students will also receive a copy of their questions with personalised feedback.

5. All courses are designed with one thing in mind, the CPA examinations and ensuring students success.

Exam -Focused Lectures

1. Specifically designed for the needs of CPA students.

2. Lecturers focus on explaining the key principles and fundamental issues contained in the syllabi of each of the subjects as prescribed by the CPA in a straightforward and uncomplicated way.

3. All lectures are examination-orientated. Each class includes consideration of the key  concepts and practical advice on how those principles can be applied to the examination papers.

4. Lecturers direct students’ minds to those areas which are more likely to appear on the examination papers.


Students who wish to study for a CPA programme must register themselves with the institute. For further information and to find out more about a CPA qualification

Click here to access information from the CPA site



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