What Our Students Say

Sarah-Jane McHugh,  ACCA student

I was placed 1st in the world in P5, which is a testament to the assistance I received from my lecturer, Michael Barry.  His aid ensured I focused on the key areas and approached the questions with the right technique to maximise my marks.  The personally tailored notes and sample answers he provided, which he has generated from his years of experience, proved invaluable.  He helped me be appropriately prepared for the exam giving me the confidence to be able to do my best. 

I completed preparation courses for all my Professional Level ACCA exams with lecturers from the Accountancy School at Independent Colleges.  I was fortunate to pass all at first attempt and receive prizes in more than one subject, which I do not believe would have occurred, without the guidance and expertise of those concerned.  I found the lecturers to have excellent insight into what is required to pass the exams and to be determined to ensure their students are as well prepared as possible.  They provide up-to-date tailored notes and direct students to all examiner guidance and relevant information as it becomes available.  They set and mark beneficial assignments, make themselves available to answer questions and focus on exam technique as well as content.  The biggest thanks I can offer for their role in my success, is to recommend attending the Accountancy School in Independent Colleges to others, which I do without reservation. 

Anthony Norton, Full Time ACCA student

Independent Colleges offered me a flexible, understanding and attentive approach to my tuition. I have just completed my first term of full time tuition with Independent Colleges and can vouch for excellent studying and learning facilities and a very competent and smoothly run college from the receptionists to co-ordinators to the lecturers. If I had my time again I would study full time and try to put the exams to bed as working full time and studying part time is no joke and in my opinion has a contributing factor to the pass rates. At Independent I felt that I could give my full attention to my studies while independent paid full attention to preparing me for the exams with exam technique pointers, layouts, time management and other items that were unique to me and my exam preparation. If your experience of Independent College full time ACCA programme is half as good as mine you won’t be disappointed.

Lisa Brennan, ACCA Student

During my Final year of BA Accounting in IT Tallaght, I decided that I wanted to continue on with ACCA qualification. Many of IT Tallaght students chose Independent colleges as we thought that it offered the best rates, the past pass rate was high and after going to the open day we found the atmosphere in the college was friendly and professional. When I was registering for ACCA and to get exemptions the college the Programme Coordinators were very helpful with any questions I had in relation to this.

I started full time doing P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics and P3 Business Analysis. The Lecturers were brilliant and I doubt I would have passed if it wasn’t for their teaching skills and constant exam techniques and referral to their knowledge from the real world. I learned so much from them not just on the specific subject but also knowledge on the career that I would be stepping into. All the lecturers have amazing careers and made their work sound so interesting and exciting. I studied P2 and P7 part time. Again the lecturers knowledge of the subjects they teach and the urge to help is what makes the college such a great college to study at.

Kirk Houghton, ACCA Student

“I would like to thank the lecturers and staff for all help and support before and during the course. The quality of the lectures was excellent. Lecturers always encouraged questions and took the time out to mark both course and extra course work, making a difficult subject accessible. One of the few lectures I have had that has brought learning and ACCA exam preparation alive and practical. A big thanks.”

Y Yang, F8 student

The lecturers are very professional and approachable. They responded to student queries promptly. All the topics of the subject were covered in detail. The college is perfect and I will come back again to complete my qualification’

Aisling Kavanagh

“Independent Colleges is central and very easy to get to after work. The lecturers are fantastic and are great at breaking the subject down to an understandable level which is easy to remember in the exam! The revision courses are held at the right time and I liked how they focused on answering the exam questions which made a huge difference when it actually came to the doing the exam”

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