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We offer a range of accredited Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Continuing Professional Development programmes in the areas of Arts & Psychotherapy

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The School of Psychotherapy at Independent College Dublin provides a full range of training programmes from certificate level right through to master’s level. Our programmes are both academically and clinically rigorous and are designed for students entering at all levels- for those wishing to gain an excellent introduction to counselling and psychotherapy, for those seeking a degree in psychotherapeutic principles and those who wish to attain the training necessary to practice as a psychotherapist.

Our programmes allow the student to reach a standard of knowledge and expertise that will lead to professional accreditation as a psychotherapist. Taught by practitioners from a range of clinical settings, our programmes provide cutting edge clinical knowledge to the psychotherapist-in-training. Our master’s programme, for example, has a number of placements in clinical settings, significantly enlarging the student’s clinical experience. For those not seeking to specifically train as a psychotherapist, an understanding of counselling and psychotherapeutic principles is of great benefit in every kind of working environment and employment practice.

Whether you have had lifelong interest in psychotherapy and are now looking for a potential new career or you are new to the field and seeking a worthy introduction, try one of the programmes at the School of Psychotherapy.

The Lecturing Team

The Psychotherapy lecturing team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced clinicians from the field of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and psychology as well as philosophers in the classical and contemporary continental fields. As well as being widely experienced in teaching, lecturers are working in areas as varied as the HSE, the psychiatric services, teaching hospitals, primary and secondary schools, psychotherapy clinical centres, addiction services, semi-state bodies, the not-for-profit sector and private practice.

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Dr. Eve Watson

Head of the School of Psychotherapy




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