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This Course helped to de-mystify the complex problems which go under the heading of “Eating Disorders.”  As a consequence of greater understanding, my confidence in dealing with these difficult issues increased and, hopefully, my competence did as well.  Content was excellent and Harriet’s style of presentation was relaxed and collaborative. These were combined with her wonderful ability to make molehills out of mountains.  I wholeheartedly recommend this Course.

Tony Jordan – Diploma in Introduction to Eating Disorders

 I thoroughly enjoyed my Wine History & Culture course. Tomas presented and ran the course superbly and the course lecturers were a veritable who’s who of Irish wine correspondents, each bringing their own knowledge, style and experience to bear on what was a lovely journey through the wine regions of the world. My Thursday evenings seem to be missing something now that the course has finished.

Des O’Brien – Diploma in Wine & Wine Culture

The course was extremely enjoyable, far exceeded my expectations. Tomas was one of the most engaging and entertaining speakers I have ever encountered and, if I had the time, I would sign up to do it all over again, so much to learn!

Deirdre Kelly – Diploma in Wine and Wine Culture

I found the Introduction to Eating Disorders course to be a highly informative and very well presented programme.  The course provided me with a strong insight to a subject area which can be highly complex. The course tutor (Harriet Parsons) was highly knowledgeable, and presented the course material in a very accessible format.  The course material and reference documents provided were of a very high standard and have proved to be a valuable reference point for me in my work.

Seamus Newe – Diploma in Introduction to Eating Disorders

The course was really great and the lecturer was superb (Ros Woods).  She was very personable and engaging.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of Independent Colleges and would without doubt recommend you to anyone.

Rory Carrick – Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy

I would recommend this course to anyone, whether currently working in the events industry or just starting out. The wide range of topics, comprehensive notes, interactive classes and guest speakers means there is something here for everyone. I’ve have put into place so many of the lessons I learned during the course.

Alison Hughes – International Rugby Board

It has benefited not just the events I have run but the other people working with me. The notes have proved invaluable and help is always at hand from the lecturers so preparation for projects or exams never seemed very daunting. Its great to come away with a qualification for a job I so enjoy!

Adrienne O’Brien, Reinhardst

After researching all event management courses, I choose this course over others as it was comprehensive and practical. It has been invaluable in helping me understand the complexities of organising an event. Lectures are very interesting and notes comprehensive. I feel it has given me the necessary tools to develop my career in event management. I would highly recommend this course.

Derek Power – Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

The course has really opened my eyes and I feel I can most definitely apply what I learned to my work. The lecturer was always very well prepared and made the material really interesting.

Thanks so much for the courses, all the staff are amazing.

Eva Handelman – Diploma in Event Management

I was recently on the Event Management Diploma course.  It was a very in-depth course covering all areas of events and included valuable work experience.  I learned a huge amount and since the lecturers were industry professionals it was also great to hear their experiences and words of wisdom.  They were all very professional and highly knowledgeable in this area.  The facilities at the college were excellent.  I highly recommend this course for people who have an interest in events and aren’t afraid of hard work.  Well worth it!

Lorraine Murphy

I really enjoyed the course. I found it very informative and Keith Finglas is a very good lecturer. The classes were practical as well as theoretical which I was pleased with. I would definitely participate in other courses run by Independent Colleges.

David Flynn – Project Management.

I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in attempting to understand the world of the day trader. Halfway through the course I experienced a ‘Financial Epiphany’, what had been dull and uninteresting overnight became truly interesting and revelatory.

Eric Ring – Financial Trading

Fantastic course for beginners and even intermediate level traders to get back to basics and build a trading plan from the ground up. Lecturers very experienced and personable.

Liam T. Quinlan – Financial Trading

I found it very good overall. I learned a great deal, and it gave me the confidence to trade, which I was lacking prior to the course.

Ken Gannon – Financial Trading





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