MSc in Accounting with Finance (Top-up from ACCA, CIMA & ACA)

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Set yourself aside from other professionally trained accountants.

Independent College Dublin in partnership with the University of Northampton is launching the MSC in Accounting and Finance (top-up from ACCA, CIMA & ACA)

The MSc is designed for ACCA, CIMA and ACA graduates and aims to provide a means by which the continuing professional and personal needs of accounting practitioners may be met. Specifically, it aims to extend and enhance the understanding and competence gained via professional qualification and to enhance the ability to think strategically about management and organisational change.

Whereas technical competencies in producing and interpreting accounting and financial information are very much the core of the accountant’s responsibility, there is a growing need for thorough and disciplined research into a number of areas and issues in, and related to, accounting and finance. 

Key Benefits

  • Part-time, flexible programme
  • Complete the MSc in 12 or 18 months - at a pace to suit you
  • Awarded by the University of Northampton - Programme accredited at the equivalent of NQF level 9
  • Meet your institute's CPD requirements
  • MSc in Accounting and Finance only €4,950
  • Equip yourself to respond to the growing need for thorough research into a number of areas in, and related to, accounting and finance
  • Broaden your specialist knowledge gained at the professional level
  • Develop skills to contribute to the effective management and development of organisations
  • Achieve an in-depth look at both leading edge strategic issues and change processes

Course Start Date

14th October 2014

Awarding Body: 

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 Programme accredited at the equivalent of NQF Level 9


Applications can be made directly to our Admissions Office.

The Admissions Office,
Independent College Dublin,
62-63 Dawson St, Dublin 2.
Tel: 01 672 5058


Course Duration

12 or 18 months part-time (as a pace to suit each participant)

Course Fees

Full Time: N/A
Part Time: EU Students: €5,000


Course Outline 

Required modules are as follows:

1. Managing Strategic Change:

  • Applying business tools, techniques and concepts used in scanning the business environment for potential changes;
  • Analysing the potential implications of differing scenarios, strategies and processes
  • Developing responses to potential problems and opportunities

2. Research Methods: 

  • Introduction to research
  • Types of research methodology
  • Formulating and planning a research project
  • Data collection and analysis and presentation of research findings

3. Dissertation:  a short cross-section of researchable topic areas, not in any particular order, might include:

  1. The changing role of accounting and finance departments in organisations
  2. Outsourcing the accounting function
  3. Celtic Tiger – failures and lessons learned
  4. Changing approaches to financial risk management
  5. Accounting standards, IFRS and company readiness for the same
  6. Web availability of financial information
  7. Implications of new Personal Insolvency laws
  8. Online banking issues
  9. Accounting for “green” operations
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects – implications for accounting and finance
  11. Accounting systems and IP issues

In general, any topic from the areas of accounting, finance or strategic and change management, once approved by university faculty, is acceptable for alternative purposes.


Following successful completion of the taught modules, members undertake a dissertation related to an aspect of strategic significance for organisations.

What We Offer

Key Benefits

  • Complete it in ONE year only (or 18 months if you prefer a slower pace)
  • Internationally recognised - Awarded by the University of Northampton (equivalent of NQF Level 9)
  • Meet your institute's CPD requirements
  • Flexible delivery: one evening a week for 22 weeks plus approximately one weekend seminar per month on Research Methods (during the taught component of the programme only)


Applicants should have successfully completed professional examinations such as ACA, ACCA, AIA or CIMA.


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