Business Faculty News

The Independent College Dublin School of Business now offers a range of new and exciting business courses across a range of disciplines from Economics to Marketing, Commercial Management to Finance.  Discover  more about the updated range of courses below.

BA (Hons) in Business Studies: The BABS suite of programmes equips students with critical thinking skills and contemporary action-centred education on key business functions and the range of core skills which are required in order to succeed in the demanding and ever-changing world of business. The programme is structured in a way which provides each student with the opportunity to study for a specialist Honours degree in Business Studies. Three specialist pathway award options are offered for the completion of the Honours Degree

BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance: Both Accounting and Finance are core components of insuring the success of any business entity. The BA programme offered at the Independent Colleges Dublin School of Business provides each student with an in-depth knowledge of the area of accounting and finance as well as the practical skills, both of which are essential in the rapidly changing and highly competitive world of business. This in turn then creates a number of opportunities for advancement within a whole range of organisations.

BA (Hons) in Marketing: The main objectives of this programme is the provision of a comprehensive educational framework covering the requirements and operation of all aspects of the marketing and sales functions in business organisations, and the major changes taking place in their theory and practice. The marketing function, in particular, has been the subject of significant change in recent years through various developments, for instance the growth of viral marketing, social networking and related developments


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