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Studying journalism at Independent College Dublin is a great challenge. The classes are fun, evocative and stimulating and everything we learn is directed towards a goal. The internships set up by the college are tremendous. Within a year of beginning the course I had two stories published in the Irish Independent and I also worked on the recent general election for Newstalk. The contacts I have made will, I feel, be invaluable in my future career. But aside from this, Independent College helped me to rediscover my passions in life. Overall, the college has given me experience, confidence and some great friends. – I would recommend the BA in Journalism to anyone.

Cormac Cronin Martin, BA (Hons) in Journalism 10/11


Doing the Journalism degree at Independent colleges is quite simply the best choice I have ever made. Returning to college is never an easy task but with the amazing lectures and facilities to match the college has gone above my expectations. The course it self is developed to give you the skills and tools needed to practically work in the journalism field. This is done with a perfect balance of practical and theoretical classes, never leaving a dull moment. With the college’s central location, time tables, and support from all the lectures, I am able to keep my job and study. I am 100 percent certain, when I graduate I will be able to get a job in the journalism field, with the thorough training I have received at Independent Colleges.

Katie Varvos, BA (Hons) in Journalism 10/11

I enrolled in the MA in Journalism as I was looking for a course focused on print journalism that allowed me to study part time over two years while working in a full-time job. The MA at Independent College Dublin suited my needs ideally. The course syllabus allowed me to develop my own areas of interest while also challenging me to engage with issues and areas of study I was not as familiar with. My writing and interviewing skills greatly developed during the year and a valuable highlight was the end of course internship in the Irish Independent newsroom. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining a formal qualification in journalism while working. The workload is significant but it’s a well-organised and rewarding course.

Meabh Smith, MA in Journalism 10′ Graduate & (HETAC) Student of the Year 2010

The staff love what they do and it shows in their teachings. I was lucky enough to have Janice Gaffey as my tutor and I can’t praise her enough. Her guidance was faultless. With lecturers with real experience in the field like Roger Brownlie and Karen McManus you are guaranteed to be given practical and useful lessons. Rob Browne was also a great motivation, stirring up real debate and discussion in class. The course is one of the broadest I have heard covering the practical side of journalism from film production and news writing to current issues in law and journalism.

Leah Jordan, MA in Journalism 10′ Graduate


Throughout the course I learned interviewing techniques, research methods, writing styles and structures. My thesis is where it all came together, and made me think like I had never done before. I needed to frame a relevant question and root out an answer, which took weeks of research and definition. I feel the work I put into it is paying dividends now as I have clarity of purpose as I begin every piece- I’m not sure I had this before I started at Independent College Dublin.

Rory Coen, MA in Journalism 10′ Graduate


The MA in Journalism course is challenging, but also enjoyable. There¹s a heavy workload, but a lot of the classes have practical benefits. Making documentary films, producing a class magazine, and learning the nuts and bolts of news and feature writing have all been rewarding experiences. The facilities are good, and the lecturers are experienced and approachable. And of course, there¹s the chance to go on internship in an INM newsroom, and get a taste of the real world. You don¹t get that anywhere else.

Andrew Cosgrave, MA in Journalism 09/10



Having attended two different colleges already to complete a BA and MA, I am yet to see anywhere with facilities as good as in Independent College. The newsroom for the journalism students is unrivalled in most colleges across the country, every classroom has AV facilities that actually work and there is a large, clean and comfortable canteen/social area to take a break in. Not only this, the campus itself is as central a location as possible, the staff are friendly, warm and helpful and the lecturers are that and more. And of course the free newspaper in the morning makes things just that little bit better.

Patrick Fennelly, MA in Journalism 08/09


The M.A. in Journalism is an extremely practical course. The topics we cover are relevant and varied and we get to put all we have learned in the classroom to the test during the internship at Independent News and Media.

Úna Mulhall, MA in Journalism 08/09


The MA in Journalism course in Independent College is a very well run and organised taught Masters. The lecturers are very experienced and supportive, the college itself has excellent resources with new Mac computers, a newsroom and student intranet so you are never far from college as you can log in online. The course itself covers a wide range of journalistic styles, subjects and topics. The workload is quite heavy but with strong support and self-discipline I hope to meet all deadlines and graduate comfortably on September 7th.

Joseph Kearney, MA in Journalism 08/09


Partaking in the evening MA in Journalism at Independent College has been a rewarding challenge. It allowed me the opportunity to gain experience as a working journalist while at the same time teaching me the skills needed to become a capable one. The reputation of the College opened the doors for me in many of the national broadcasters such as RTE, Newstalk, and Today Fm. It gave me the confidence to pursue a career that I always aspired to.

Marie Crowe, MA in Journalism 08/09


Having undertaken to do the MA in Journalism in the evenings so that I could continue working, I have found that it is very possible to combine the two and still have enough time for other commitments in my life. The course is very enjoyable with lots of interesting people and a very friendly and professional staff who understand that we have other commitments too. They facilitate us in completing our course work while understanding that we have work commitments.

Patrick O’Brien, MA in Journalism 08/09


I knew I wanted to do a degree in journalism, and was thinking about several institutions in the Dublin area. When I came across the prospectus for Independent College I knew I had found the course I wanted to do.


The course combines the theoretical and practical aspects of journalism in a concise and structured way, along with the internships in years two and three of the course at a paper in Independent News and Media. I believe that this gives students who wish to follow a career in journalism in Ireland a great starting point.

Eoin Hodkinson, BA (Hons) in Journalism, 2008


As a mature student I found returning to study at Independent College both convenient and simple. The college location is perfectly placed for public transport access and the timetables enable me to continue to work part time and fit family life around them. Classes are very personal and interactive and all of the lecturers have real world experience in their chosen field.

Gareth Soye, BA (Hons) in Journalism 2008


The diploma course is a great way to pursue an interest in journalism. The classes strike a balance between learning the skills of writing for newspapers and applying those skills during in-class assignments. The lecturers, Karen and Roger, explain what it is like to work in a newsroom during a major story – who does what and how the paper all comes together before deadline.


The diploma course gives you a grounding in the vital journalistic skills of interviewing, assembling a news article and writing a feature.

Kevin Sammon, Diploma in Journalism 08-09

I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the course from start to finish. Daire Whelan is an excellent teacher who has made the course challenging, engaging and extremely rewarding. Daire has encouraged us to think of ourselves as sports writers, he has encouraged us to get involved and get hands on experience. In terms of gaining practical skills that can be used to begin a career in Sports Journalism, this experience has been first class. I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to gain experience and insight into the world of the Sports Journalist.

Rupert Heather, Diploma in Sports Journalism 08-09

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