Online Courses

Independent College Dublin is pleased to announce our new eLearning courses being offered in 2014 within the Law Faculty.  We have a number of courses available to students interested in the FE1 revision course and the Honourable Society of Kings Inn Entrance Exam Preparatory Course.

Each eLearning course at Independent Colleges is divided into a series of modules that you can study at your own pace. You are free to explore the interactive content of each module in any order and at a pace that suits you.

There will be some informal questions and mini-tests along the way, designed to help you engage with the material and give you an idea of how much information you are retaining. (The format of the final assessments will vary depending on the subject matter.)

As well as interactive content and quizzes, you can stay in touch with other students through our eLearning forum – a great way of sharing knowledge, asking questions, and getting answers.

Additionally, your course tutor will personally respond to any questions within 24hrs.

There are many advantages to studying via eLearning at Independent Colleges.

  • Our courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. With eLearning you are not constrained by time or location.
  • Improved retention. The combination of multimedia and solid instructional design techniques produces a very rich learning experience. Engaging practice activities followed by feedback provide a learning environment that helps you retain the course content.
  • Ongoing access to resources. If you take a class in the real world and need to revise, you’d better hope that you took good notes. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. That’s not the case with eLearning. You will always have access to the online content and resources to brush up on what you learnt.


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